The Smart Bus – Route to Happiness


With thanks to the National Lottery Community Fund this year we will launch our new three year community engagement project called ‘The smART Bus – Route to Happiness’. Reaching out to vulnerable and disadvantaged community members like Young Carers who currently receive very little or no support.

At the heart of the project we planned to have ‘The Smart Bus’, a bright pink van, something people can connect with and know when they see it in their area it’s the Smart Project.  A bit like when you hear the tune from the ice cream van, it gives you that overwhelming feeling of happiness, ‘the route to happiness’.

We were fortunate enough to receive a donation from The Morrisons Foundation just before the Covid crisis.  
A few weeks before lock down we purchased our Smart Bus, called Ken, he was a silver VW Transporter which we planned to get wrapped pink.
Silven Ken
Little did we know how invaluable Ken was going to be and so quickly, without him we wouldn’t have been able to deliver the weekly creative care packages to all our young carers and older people.
He only turned pink on Friday 3rd July and made his first public appearance on 6th July, when we took to the road to do our deliveries.
A big thank you to The Morrisons Foundation.
morrisons foundation